The last few years I gained a lot of experience in the funeral industry. I have worked in all facets of the industry and started working in a morgue. from there I moved on to the funeral home and became an allround employee. 


Before and during my work in the funeral industry I did two studies, Communications management and industrial psychology. These two studies, combined with my work make me a people oriented person. It takes a lot of empathy and knowledge of different languages to become a word service supervisor for funeral ceremonies.


With a passing in a family, besides great deal of grief, a family also has to deal with a lot op paperwork and arrangements for the funeral or cremation ceremony. With my service I can offer a family a great deal of stress relief by helping them give shape to the content of the ceremony.


This is my method:

Together with a family I am going to collect a lot of memories of their loved one. And looking back at the life of their loved one I don't just look at the facts, I want to know who that person is and what that person is like. 


 With a personalised speech during the ceremony I will make sure that the deceased person will come to life in everyones memory. Those memories will stay and give a handhold to the family and their friends.




Not only for that moment, but also for the future.





I also take care of the content for the prayer card, and if the family wants a powerpoint presentation with pictures but is not able to make it, I will help. Nowadays allmost everything is possible and allmost every wish of the deceased can be granted. 

And together we can give content to the ceremony of your loved one and make sure it satisfies all your wishes and expectations.